Decorative horoscope: aesthetics and harmony for Libra

Decorative horoscope: aesthetics and harmony for Libra

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Hyper comfortable in society and seemingly easy, the scale is nonetheless a very demanding and perfectionist sign. Her taste for luxury drives her to search for rare, precious or designer objects. Like her, the decor of the scale is all in harmony and balance. The balance operates in its decor on binary values. Safe values ​​on the color side, white or gray, enhanced with cool colors, blue or green, to avoid the "fanciful" hues that would tire her. Sober but effective! The balance appreciates open spaces in a loft style and, to fit out its interior, it will gladly turn to design, but to a functional design, whose practical qualities attract its attention as much as its aesthetic qualities; a purely aesthetic object would find no salvation in its interior. But her keen sense of aesthetics and refinement can also push her towards a more ostentatious decoration with furniture and objects of price.

- His home

A loft, a Haussmannian apartment with moldings and rosettes.

- His favorite piece

The living room, place of exchange, area in which the balance excels thanks to its friendliness.

- Its purpose

A crystal chandelier, a design piece.

- His color

White, green, blue.

- Its decorative style

A soberly contemporary style, with a Japanese touch for the Zen side and search for balance: yin and yang, Japanese walls, white and black, modules that overlap. Find the balance sticker on


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