7 atmospheres for a house in Scandinavian times

7 atmospheres for a house in Scandinavian times

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The Scandinavian style perfectly mixes light tones and particularly white with raw wood of light essence like pine or ash to give the house an incredible luminosity even in the middle of winter. So to get the greyness, we revamp our house in Scandinavian time! Here are some keys. First, choose sleek furniture that combines fabric with wood like a chair or armchair and white wood and light wood for a piece of furniture. It could for example be a piece of furniture whose body will be white and it is the feet which will take on a light wood essence. The mixture of the two will create harmony in the decor and warm up a decoration that is too white. Always in the spirit of a cocooning decor, opt for generous cushions, comfortable throws and soft rugs. The must of a Scandinavian decor: the sheepskin on the floor or even to dress a wall! As for decorative accessories, choose a few objects without overloading the space. For the wall, we immediately think of a trophy representing a deer's head. On the light side, prefer a base in raw wood. Finally, if you can, light a chimney fire. You will have a very pleasant winter! Discover 7 Scandinavian atmospheres to inspire you: Our "Deco design" videos


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