Before / After: renovate your kitchen with less than 1000 €

Before / After: renovate your kitchen with less than 1000 €

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The blogger Debohra, from the blog DeboBrico, opened the doors of her kitchen to us, which she renovated from floor to ceiling at low prices. His secret? Do It Yourself tips, salvage items and elbow grease! Four days later, the play had found a second youth, for less than 1000 euros. Discover the stages of this transformation. Area: 5m Global budget :925 euros for the renovation of the kitchen

A bathroom transformed into a kitchen

Before:Debohra has decided to renovate the dilapidated bathroom of the former owners of his house in order to convert it into a functional and contemporary kitchen. But to do this, there is no question of breaking the bank! She preferred to bet on DIY tips and ingenious ideas that respect her budget.

After:The kitchen elements were all changed in favor of cupboards and drawer fronts signed Ikea, just like the worktop, the sink and the faucet at a cost of 750 euros (the biggest of the budget). These storage spaces are much cheaper than built-in models. On the ground, tiling from the Leroy Merlin brand (100 euros) was laid.

Have a bright room at lower cost

Before:The real challenge lay in the fact that the kitchen has a very small area since it is only 5 m2 on the ground, while the rest of the house is rather spacious. Despite this constraint, Debohra wanted her kitchen to be a pleasant and practical room, she spends a lot of time behind the stove! So the space had to be bright enough to simmer small dishes.

After:In terms of lighting, the blogger had the good idea of ​​making two suspensions using recycled objects: an old colander and a jar. It was enough to drill a hole in the colander and in the lid of the jar to slide an electrical assembly, all for zero euros! In addition to costing nothing, this technique allowed the young woman to have unique lighting and a touch of vintage.

A two-in-one credenza

Before: It was imperative to revive this sad and dark room ... To avoid an additional cost, Debohra did not benefit from the help of a professional, she only called on her stepfather, an outstanding handyman. It took four days to transform this kitchen, knowing that the longest step was to wait for the glue and the tile joints to dry. After:To enhance the kitchen, the credenza (35 euros) and the initial fridge were painted with slate paint (20 euros per pot) on galvanized steel plates. We can thus write his shopping list, a recipe or a small message to his spouse in chalk, but also hang photos on the credenza since it is also magnetic. The little extra? The splashback is washed with a simple sponge.

The fridge, which was a bit worn out, also becomes modern and fun in no time.

Another tip, a curtain hides the dishwasher and gives a country style to this small kitchen. The plaid fabric (20 euros) comes from the online store Ma Petite Mercerie.

For more info, visit the DeboBrico blog


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