200,000 Facebook fans: the best of your comments

200,000 Facebook fans: the best of your comments

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To celebrate, at the editorial, we wanted to pay tribute to our super fans by retracing the best as the worst of comments. Every day, more and more of you are exchanging, sharing and commenting on our Facebook page. So much so that sometimes between your getting mad and your love messages we don't really know where to turn! To thank you for your active contribution on the page, we have prepared a small overview of the daily life of our community. Here are some tasty pieces chosen.

Decorators and DIY enthusiasts

Many of you have understood that the Facebook page of is perfect for filling up on decorative ideas. You do not hesitate to share your pretty creations:

It's the perfect place for advice and tips on how to feel good at home:

We meet strong personalities on the Facebook page who make up the diversity and richness of our beautiful growing community. We thus find:

The good living:

Gourmands :

Some subjects remain sensitive, like cleaning: it is very serious, it is better not to joke too much!

The indignant :

Those who throw in the towel:

Discussions can sometimes lead to some heated debates.

The nostalgic:

Those who grumble:

The idealists:

But rest assured, the Facebook page of this is also the place for outpouring of benevolence and nice compliments:

Love messages:

Mutual help and emerging friendships:

Common memories:

So many inspired people who all share the same desire: to cultivate happiness at home .

Finally, the community is a bit like a big family . We love to find and read you every day. So to thank you for following us, for reacting, and above all for continuing to grow the community, we have prepared small gifts for you. If you want to spread happiness at home with us, join us!