Colorful and design planters for my decor

Colorful and design planters for my decor

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5 Planters for less than 10 euros to add a touch of greenery to your terrace or balcony this summer. Show your green attitude!

Multiply small plants to brighten up your spaces

Whether in terracotta, reclaimed metal, ceramic or plastic, planters are multifunctional: on the one hand they hide the unsightly pots of your plants by giving a touch of gaiety to your balconies and terraces with their varied styles and their variations of colors. Rose pep's or vintage style, there is something for everyone and all budgets. The good idea to boost your green space at a low price is to mix and match colors: Happy flowerpot (pink, taupe, white) are perfect for dressing your plants in light and colorful containers. Play on the colors, but also the sizes of pots. And bet on the plants of the moment to vary the pleasures! Finally, do not hesitate to customize them DIY way: the white plant pots Brussels are also a perfect base to give free rein to your imagination. Masking tape, stencil or paint, your creativity has no limits!

Hanging gardens or pots: give height to your flowers

Whether for your interior or exterior, an original way to bring greenery into your decor is to hang your flowers. There are many very trendy plant carriers! Like the hanging baskets or this adorable planter Planting hanging in burlap, which combines perfectly with a green plant, for a natural and simple effect, very practical for small balconies without sacrificing style. And if you want to create macrame suspensions for your plants, follow the guide with our dedicated DIY!

Grow a mini vegetable garden

And why not take advantage of summer to grow your own aromatic herbs? Small terracotta, ceramic or metal pots such as Tess (pink, white, green…) will welcome your plantations with joy! Finally discover this very nice pot Single in steel with a ready-made inscription: Flowers & Garden! It will bring a touch of charm to your exterior, which it will embalm with basil, mint or rosemary. Now it's your turn to plant!

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