A decor inspired by "Brothers and Sisters" for a family atmosphere

A decor inspired by "Brothers and Sisters" for a family atmosphere

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American series, Brothers and Sisters tells the tumultuous life of a republican American family. The father dying in the first episode is an opportunity to discover family secrets with the mistress, hidden children and other surprises… The Walker family is the model of the traditional American family that many Americans dream of. With three sons and two daughters, mother Nora Walker is the glue of this little tribe. The majority of life scenes take place in the family home from which the children, adults, have left. But they often come back for meals shared with the family with sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, children and grandchildren… So if the Walker family makes you want, recreate at home a family decor that meets the criteria of the traditional American family. First you need a big table to welcome the whole little tribe! A large rectangular solid wood table would do the trick. In the kitchen, thesmall island is very practical and very user-friendly for preparing family meals. Do not forget to bring various kitchen utensils to prepare good meals. In the living room, think about poufs if you only have a sofa to accommodate your guests. In terms of colors and patterns, the traditional American decor is quite BCBG. Prefer neutral and classic colors with a few touches of deep blue or red for example. Of beautiful fabrics for curtains and coverings for sofas and armchairs. And wooden furniture with large and generous shapes… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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