Sudoku inspires decor

Sudoku inspires decor

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Notice to all fans of the famous game! We have selected decoration items on the theme of sudoku just for you! For the table, the toilets, the walls and your linens, it's up to you to decorate your interior with the effigy of the famous game that makes the whole world addicted.

Around the table

On, you will find aprons with various prints around Sudoku. Ditto for the mugs (from 12.70 euros for the apron and 11.65 euros for the mug). For the table, think of the sudoku paper towel (available in sets of 40 on the site for 11.90 euros). At least if you are bored at the table, you will have something to occupy yourself with!

For the little corner

The toilet area is often conducive to a quirky decoration. Sudoku is no exception to this rule and you can customize your WC glasses with a sticker signed iDzif and Wi Logo. Article to shop on the site (20 euros for the sudoku toilet seat sticker). To complete the panoply, you will find sudoku toilet paper, to play your favorite game at a time when you have time to waste (4.90 euros per roll on!

But also…

To fill up on sudoku decor ideas, visit Sudoku is available on mouse pads, magnets, stickers and many supports. You can also bring a sudoku touch in your bathroom with a PVC shower curtain, printed with the most popular game grids, such as crosswords or sudoku! You will find a model on the site (19.95 euros). Finally, to impress in your home and bring a touch of humor, why not stick a strip of sudoku wallpaper on the wall? You will find some on (several different sizes from 4 euros).