Space saving: storage space in toilets

Space saving: storage space in toilets

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A piece of furniture above the toilet

These areone of the simplest storage solutions in a toilet. The only space in which there is little or no circulation in this small room being the framing of the toilets, it seems logical to install a piece of furniture there. Clever, these small storage spaces will allow you to store your reserve of toilet paper, hand towels or toilet cleaner.

You can also think of install one or more wall shelves above the toilet. To make the whole more pleasant, why not add a few green plants or a nice fragrance diffuser? Wicker or natural fiber baskets can also be installed there, to store many things like towels, medicines, etc.

You can also, if you have the soul of a handyman, create your own toilet shelf. It is a very good solution to create an adapted, tailor-made toilet storage. It's up to you to decide how many shelves you need, the material you choose, the color, etc.

The ingenious hand basin

For optimize the space in your toilet and thus get more storage space, opt for multi-function furniture such as a hand-held toilet paper dispenser. Ideal for very small toilets.

You can also install shelves under the washbasin, along the entire length of the wall. These will serve as easy access storage for your rolls of toilet paper, cleaning products, magazines or any other object potentially useful in sanitary facilities.

Bet on mobility.

A small piece of furniture that you can move around easily can also be a good storage solution in your toilet. Some models available in DIY stores are mounted on casters.

Choose a piece of furniture that is thin but deep enough to be used as storage furniture. If you have enough space, you can install it between your toilet and the wall.

Optimize low spaces

When it comes to saving space, low storage are too often overlooked. It is however a solution to consider, especially if you do not have a lot of ceiling height.

Even when there is not much space, it is quite possible tointegrate low storage into a room, as long as they are not too deep. Opt for a low cabinet model that contains a toilet paper dispenser and some storage space, in order to store your cleaning products or even linen.

You can also create a low piece of furniture that hides a radiator, while providing storage space. To create the illusion of a larger room, consider painting the furniture the same color as that of the wall.

Use the covering of the hanging WC

You have privileged hanging toilets for the equipment of your toilets? Use the cladding to create niches or small side shelves, and thus obtain storage spaces without doing major landscaping work.

If the sides of the WC cannot be used, use the shelf created naturally by the WC suspended above the toilet. You can install your toilet paper rolls, baskets or storage boxes to also store products, medicines, etc.

Consider tiling the dressing of the toilet if you want the room to be decorated without overdoing it. A nice subway tile or cement tiles will suit the room perfectly.

Flat storage for your magazines

It is well known, toilets can be a reading space, where to leaf through magazines. To prevent them from dragging on the ground or being deposited anywhere, remember to create specific storage right next to the toilet

In order not to occupy too much space, prefer a fine, shallow storage suitable for storing magazines.