A home-made workspace

A home-made workspace

Working from home can seem like a real privilege because it suggests a coveted quality of life. However, the home office requires adjustments and organization so that your work space and your living space are not confused. It is indeed essential to create a suitable and functional workspace in order to be productive and efficient. Arranging an office area at home is not always easy and you can quickly be discouraged by the lack of space, if you do not have a dedicated room. And if a room in your home can be used for this purpose, how can you make it suitable for work? This is a great opportunity to deploy your creativity to create your dream office and make your workspace the ideal place in a few tips!

Create a universe conducive to productivity

- Give your workspace its sole purpose Working from home is a chance for some, however, it is important not to be overwhelmed by your living space. It often happens that the office corner of the house becomes a paper storage space, a temporary laundry room, a storage area. However, your office area is the place that should allow you to concentrate, to work in peace in an environment in keeping with your activity. Exit the papers lying around and piling up, the clothes that are quickly put on the chair or the books that are read and piling up on a corner of the desk. First, impose the fact that this office, even at home, should only be dedicated to your work! Besides, do not choose an office that is too large for it to contain only the essentials. If your work table is huge, it would quickly get crowded. However, prefer a desk with storage drawers that will be very useful for filing your files.

With offices like that, how can you not want to work?

- Choose a cozy space It is extremely beneficial to work in a space where you feel good. So think of setting up your workspace in a warm room and preferably close to natural light. Natural light will stimulate your creativity and allow you to take mental breaks when you are short of inspiration. Create an inspirational wall Working in a universe that resembles you will stimulate your creativity and will certainly increase the quality of work. You can for example near your office design an inspirational wall! In pretty frames or directly on your wall, surround yourself with images or photos that make you feel good, ideas that have challenged you in magazines, motivating phrases, to stimulate your daily thinking.

Get organized!

- A place for everything and everything in its place What could be more pleasant than working in a clean and tidy environment as expressed in this famous proverb? Compelling yourself each evening to leave a clean and tidy desk will allow you the next morning to start a peaceful day with clear ideas.

An effective DIY storage idea!

- File your documents Like your computer, if you store too many files on your desktop, your memory will quickly overflow! To avoid this, choose three lockers of different colors and assign each their destination and priority: upcoming projects, current projects, emergencies, for example. This will save you time and available memory without the need to search for long minutes with a customer on the phone. Opt for practical and modular lockers the size of your usual files to keep your desk as clear as possible! - Color your storage To make storage less daunting, do not hesitate to invest in some colorful office supplies. Choose sticky notes and pockets in tart colors to easily locate your files and better organize your thinking. - Sort It is not because you are at home that you must accumulate the papers by promising yourself that you will take the time to read them. Clean up every quarter. For all the documents that you have not consulted in the last 6 months, ask yourself the question of whether they have any real use? And throw it out if it isn't! Likewise, today, most of our administrative papers are available dematerialized, by slowing down untimely printing, you will save space and even save money!