Organic duvets for ecological sleep

Organic duvets for ecological sleep

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Often made from synthetic foam, the quilts that are usually found on the market do not shine by their ecological qualities (manufacturing process, products they contain). However, more and more duvets are made from natural materials and are less harmful to the environment. Discovery of different types of ecological duvets.

Wool duvets

Wool regulates humidity and provides physiological and thermal comfort. Be careful however, the wool duvet is often a bit heavier than a classic duvet. Ideal for those who move at night ...

Feather and down duvets

Natural duvets are also down duvets or goose and duck feathers. Feathers and down are concentrated differently. We go from the pen out of a first sorting, to 1/2 down, then 3/4 down, and finally down. The higher the percentage of down, the more quality it will be, and will be swelling and thermoregulatory (and will also cost more).

Corn fiber duvets

Corn seems to be the ecological product of tomorrow. It is already used to make recyclable bags. Today it is used in the composition of quilts. Corn offers good thermal insulation capacity and is hypoallergenic.