How to quickly repair a large hole in a wall?

How to quickly repair a large hole in a wall?

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You want to move a radiator or an electrical outlet but you are afraid of the big hole that you are going to leave? No worries, it is possible to repair a large hole without using quantities of plaster. Demonstration with the TOUPRET repair patch. To get before you start: - TOUPRET repair patch. - A jar of plaster. - A 10 cm spatula. - A sanding block. - Fine grain sandpaper. First prepare the surface. If a wallpaper is placed on the wall, cut a square to the dimensions of the patch and clean the adhesive residue well on the support. Lightly sand the surface around the hole, dust, degrease and wash the surface. Take the patch and remove the paper protecting the adhesive grid. Place it in the center of the hole and press hard to fix it. With the spatula, spread the coating in a thin layer on the grid. Spread lightly around the grid so that the plaster visually blends into the wall. Let it dry for 12 to 48 hours. When the coating is dry and well white, you can sand it with sandpaper. Must be done if you want to paint or put wallpaper on top. And now it's up to you !


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