Lumignon in sponge gratton

Lumignon in sponge gratton

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1 metal sponge 1 cutting pliers 1 glass jar of dessert cream Fine silver-plated copper wire 1 silver ring (9 mm) 1 fondue candle


2 'Demoulding of the metal sponge

The sponge is a scraping pad made of plastic wires coated with fine aluminum wires. Locate in the center of the metal sponge the link in galvanized steel wire that holds the mesh assembly. Section it and remove it.

Locate and section the steel wire link

6 'Manufacture of suspensions

Make the links out of silvery copper wire which will be used to suspend the lantern. Observe the diagram: pass a copper wire around the glass jar, under its neck. Attach to this two lengths of copper wire 35 centimeters diametrically opposite. At the end of their ends, attach a silver ring. Attach a silver ring

2 'Finishing

Unroll the metal sponge a little on itself and dress the glass jar. Place a fondue candle inside.


You can paint the glass jars to tint them with warm tones: orange, yellow… Use a transparent stained glass paint that you will apply to the outside of the pot to avoid contact with the flame of the candle. Wait until the paint has dried before handling the glass jars.

20 Metal and wire objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004


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