Our selection of natural tableware

Our selection of natural tableware

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1. Lagoon stoneware flat plates (set of 6), Alinéa, 35.94 euros 2. Large ginger stoneware plate, Lodge Boutique, 15 euros 3. Small pure brown stoneware plate, Lodge Boutique, 11.67 euros 4. Vezuvio stoneware dish, Fly, € 4.50 5. Turbolino stoneware dessert plates (set of 6), Delamaison, € 21.90 6. Irregular shaped stoneware bowl (set of 4) Palette, Delamaison, 31.90 euros 7. Stoneware pitcher, Formelab, from 39 euros 8. Manufacture stoneware pitcher, Delamaison, 16.90 euros 9. Färgrik 18-piece stoneware set, Ikea, 25.99 euros 10. Valkura stoneware bo set of 2), Am.Pm, 39 euros

What is sandstone?

Stoneware is none other than a ceramic, the most used after porcelain, very hard and resistant due to its firing at very high temperature (over 1200 ° C). Natural material, it offers pretty neutral colors after cooking such as brown or gray more or less dark unlike terracotta more in shades of red. At the table, the sandstone turns out to be an ally for its resistance but also for its natural appearance and its beautiful color which is sufficient in itself. The designers do not hesitate to emphasize its natural side by offering simple and refined designs, sometimes irregular which highlight the artisanal work specific to ceramics. You will also find models made by hand, which will give even more character to your table decorations.

The right color combinations

The longer the stoneware stays in its natural color obtained after cooking, the more successful the result. For an elegant table, you can choose a brown or a light gray which will be easy to combine with your table linen. For more character, prefer darker colors but be sure to introduce lighter touches in your accessories to bring out the dishes. Also note that the sandstone is sometimes decorated after cooking and this allows you to add another color. In this case, the right combinations will be with green or blue, colors that will blend perfectly with the original shade of the sandstone without distorting its natural appearance.


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