Making variegated plaster napkin rings

Making variegated plaster napkin rings


Material for 5 to 6 rounds 1 roll of cardboard absorbent paper 1 cutter 1 roll of standard plaster strips 1 pair of scissors 1 bowl Acrylic paint in bright tones and gold 1 fine brush 1 large brush


10 'Molding and decoration of rounds

Using a craft knife, cut 5 cm pieces from the cardboard roll (sketch 1). Fill a basin with lukewarm water. Dip the plastered strips and cover the boxes (see on the page plaster tapes: instructions for use). Cut strips of 2 cm wide that you roll on themselves to form cords. With these, make different patterns for each round. Let dry 6 hours.

10 'Painting

After drying, paint each round with a different color. With the paintbrush lightly charged with paint, paint the reliefs in gold.


For frequent use, apply a coat of matt or gloss varnish. SC1673456Ot: crop @ h: 491 @ w: 354 @ x1: 41 @ y1: 29 @ wc: 1062 @ hc: 1473 20 plaster objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004