Gingham fabric: when decoration rhymes with tiles

Gingham fabric: when decoration rhymes with tiles

Wearing a pink gingham wedding dress in 1959, Brigitte Bardot certainly did not suspect the craze she was going to create for this fabric with large checks. Previously reserved for tablecloths, jars of jam and wicker baskets, the gingham becomes at that time more than a trend: a fashion which since, seems essential. More than 50 years later, the vichy is still as successful and is becoming trendy on the decor side for an interior worthy of French elegance.

My BB style garden

Do you want a fresh and feminine garden for spring? Dress your chairs, tablecloth and garden table with pink and white tiles, like our national Brigitte. For a picnic, the matching wicker basket is ideal.

Chic bistro in the kitchen

The tablecloths of our great grandmothers are back in our kitchens! Modernized, large red and white tiles are now perfectly combined with French gastronomy to create a very Frenchy chic air. Because we love assortments, a choice of cutlery, plates adorned with fabric or aprons will complete this look of large dinners.

A room that stands with tiles

Cushions and duvet cover in blue and white tones give your bedroom a soothing and soft touch, appreciated by young and old alike. We even dare to mix tiles with stripes and floral patterns to give a more sophisticated style. > And you, are you tempted by this chic and spring decor?