Create a plasterboard partition

Create a plasterboard partition

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The different types of partitions and their use

Fixing of sanitary fixtures

For bathrooms, plasterboard partitions on a metal frame allow the fitting of surface-mounted sanitary appliances, in particular sinks, bidets and toilets. It is then necessary to use a special metal support that s 'fits between two vertical profiles at the time of construction of the partition. In addition, it is possible to embed a toilet tank in sufficiently thick partitions.

Double-sided partition

It is a partition with a double layer of plasterboard on one or two sides. It has a resistance much higher than that of the partition with simple facing.

For damp rooms

For partitions built in bathrooms and other humid rooms, protect the partition foot against rising damp by interposing, under the bottom rail, a flexible plastic profile specific to this use.


For the installation of wallpaper and for painting, it is preferable to first pass a specific undercoat (printing paint) for plasterboard, applied with a brush and roller, which makes it possible to obtain hard bases. , clean and homogeneous, and a perfect finish.

Tools and materials

• Drill
Orbital sander
Spirit level
Nibbling shears
Crimping tool
Raises plate
Coating knife
Mixing tray -
BA 13 plasterboard
Metal plate trumpet screw
Metal-metal trumpet screw
Joint tape Savoir tout faire © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005


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