6 decorative ideas for a pretty and original mailbox

6 decorative ideas for a pretty and original mailbox

You just have to wander through a village or a housing estate to see that the mailboxes are all the same. It's a shame because these elements can be a source of creativity. A mailbox can even reflect your creativity. How to have a pretty and original mailbox? Here are 6 decor ideas to test!

1. Add color

A mailbox can have the color of your choice. If you don't like its white, green, beige, gray or black color, you can simply paint it. Just buy exterior paint and you're ready to go. You can also create patterns with the adhesive. Of course, you can put multiple colors!

2. Daring the stickers

As you know, for several years now stickers have established themselves as a very affordable decorative asset and above all that offers many possibilities. Can stick polka dots and transform your mailbox into a ladybug, you can stick wood-look stickers or very varied and seasonal patterns such as snowflakes for the holiday season, Easter eggs, etc.

3. Create a house

Turning your mailbox into a house is very easy. You can try to recreate your house in miniature, or create a wooden house. All it takes is a little imagination, paint, stickers and you can personalize your mailbox as well as possible!

4. Vegetate

To have a nice mailbox, you can count on Mother Nature and its countless plants. Whether you want leaves, flowers, plants that change colors with the seasons, you will find what you need. Of course, you have to choose your plants carefully taking into account the region, the climate or the exposure of the installation. Need an idea? Opt for ivy!

5. Find a vintage mailbox

Having an old mailbox is very trendy. But how do you find one? You can hunt around and try to find an old model, with English or American accents. You can also find old post boxes. Rest assured, if you don't like yellow, you can paint it. Of course, there are many large brands offering mailboxes with a very vintage style!

6. Highlighting the composition of the family

The big trend of the moment is to include the composition of his family on the mailbox. But not as a list of names! You can stick or draw small characters and put the first names of each. The mailbox is no longer a forgotten decoration! Today it is colored and takes an original form to distinguish itself from others. Let your creativity go and create a unique mailbox.