Very specific sealants for laying perfect joints

Very specific sealants for laying perfect joints

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Launched by the Dip Etanch brand, Easy Bain et Cuisine is a range of sealants specific to each problem for greater efficiency. With this new range, the Dip Etanch brand wanted to maximize the durability and performance of the joints thanks to sealants well suited to each need: anti-mold, extreme white, completely invisible, usable after 30 minutes, design and color, glue / repair. Depending on your problem of water infiltration in your kitchen or in your bathroom, you can choose the most suitable sealant. The installation of joints is thus simpler and more effective. All you have to do is take action!

How to make a perfect joint?

The first step is to prepare the support - Brush, scrape and / or dust the support. - Sanitize the bottoms with a household product so that it is clean, dry, degreased and dust-free. - Remove the old sealant by scraping with a joint remover or a cutter. The second step: application - Cut the tip of the cartridge with the cutter. - Screw the cannula. - Cut the tip of the cannula at an angle diameter of the joint to be produced (between 5 and 25 mm). - Introduce the cartridge into a putty gun. - Apply a regular bead, pushing forward, taking care to fill in the joint to be filled. - Smooth the joint when fresh with a joint dagger and wipe the burrs with a sponge.