How to integrate a shoe cabinet in my mini-entrance?

How to integrate a shoe cabinet in my mini-entrance?

You miss square meters when you enter and you don't know how to get rid of the pile of shoes clogging up the space? Do not panic, solutions are available to you to arrange the space and allow you to enjoy a place that is both practical and functional.

We take height

First solution: favor tall and narrow shoe furniture. You will be able to store all the shoes without encroaching on the floor space. At the very end, your storage does not hinder the opening of a door. Choose for example the blocks to stack Trones Ikea. By choosing your color blocks, you can also add a pop and graphic touch right from your door!

Storage behind the doors

Second solution: use your doors! Many brands have created specially for small spaces storage to fix behind your doors. For a cozy atmosphere, you can fix a rod and install a curtain above the door.

Your shoes are exposed!

You love your shoes. So why not use it as a decorative object? Divert the Lack shelves available at Ikea to store (and display) your shoes! These shelves are perfect for small spaces because they are tall and narrow. It is a solution that also works very well with a ladder that you have hunted! Ideal for creating a vintage and trendy atmosphere.