How to remove a stain of red wine on a fabric?

How to remove a stain of red wine on a fabric?

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Wine stains are always very scary because of their red color that we can imagine settling down definitively on our tablecloth, carpet or carpet. But rest assured, it is not! There are even several techniques for removing a stain of red wine. We have gathered here grandmother's tips and good reflexes to have if you accidentally spill a drink.

Trying to prevent disaster

To prevent having an overturned glass or a dripping bottle during a dinner with friends, you can invest in "stop drop" rings to place on the bottles to prevent the wine from dripping and coasters to prevent your glass of wine doesn't slip on your coffee table

Do not wipe the task

If, despite your precautions, your linen tablecloth, your carpet finds itself stained, do not wipe the task. This is one of the bad reflexes that one can have when doing a task of liquid. However, it should in no case be done under penalty of worsening the situation by making the wine penetrate deeper into the fabric. At first, do not touch anything and go find a product that will overcome the task of wine.

Natural products against wine stains

There are actually three solutions to make it disappear. You can rub quickly with a mixture of a quarter of cold water (never with hot water which fixes the tasks) and three quarters of alcohol at 90 °. You can also sprinkle the stain with salt so that it absorbs the liquid and prevents it from spreading. Then put your tablecloth in the washing machine and it should come out like new. Finally, it is possible to cover the stain with baking soda. After absorption, remove everything with a brush and repeat the operation. This time, leave on overnight and vacuum.