What lighting for my wardrobe?

What lighting for my wardrobe?

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LED spots

This is certainly the simplest solution. The LED spots have a strong lighting radiation and its extremely simple to install. As they run on batteries, you just have to screw or tape them - depending on the model - in the place you want to light up in your wardrobe. They also have the advantage of being inexpensive.

The light strips

The light strips have the very big advantage of not taking up space. Very thin, they can be installed wherever you want: at the edge of the wardrobe, at each shelf intersection, the possibilities are endless. There are several kinds. The battery rods (like the model shown in the photo) take up a little more space but are easier to install because they do not require any connection. On the other hand, there are some to plug into the mains, which can be more complicated to install because it is then imperative to be able to connect all those you want to install. Whatever the model, the light strips are not too expensive either: between 10 and 20 € per unit.

Detection lights

This is the height of luxury in wardrobe lighting! Imagine it is enough to enter it for everything to light up! There is something magical about motion sensor lights… Again, there are many kinds. The model proposed on the image works with batteries and therefore does not require any connection, it is one of the models easy to install and not very expensive to buy. Be careful not to let yourself be tempted by an attractive price without having taken the trouble to test the lighting in question. A detector that does not detect, or very poorly, would be a waste of time and money.