The British touch is in the decoration

The British touch is in the decoration

It's not just at tea time that you allow yourself a British look. On a pop rock air, the universe of our English neighbors burst into our interior. We adopt without moderation objects and furniture impregnated with a retro chic or offbeat style to travel across the Channel…

British colors to the very end

The blue white and red color code dominates the space, not for a frank atmosphere but for a decoration straight from our English friends. It is essential british flag that sets the tone. It covers all kinds of decorative objects: cushions, chair backs, poufs and even a fridge. To bring out and highlight British furniture and objects, we opt for a background (floor and walls) red for a more pop touch or light grey for a rather chic appearance.

London fantasy in decoration

An urban touch straight from London: lovers of the English capital want more. We choose decorative objects that take us directly to London. Big Ben stickers, red double-decker bus stickers, red telephone box, denim, digital prints on the armchairs, the bed cover… We never tire of the typically English models which create a dynamic and lively look.

Retro chic in the spotlight

Flashback in the 1960s. Like Anglo-Saxon houses, the loft and retro spirit is around. Red bricks, metal objects, old fashion furniture. This trendy look straight out of the sixties sublimates just the right space: neither too much, nor not enough. The British mood in our interiors, we adhere. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"