Dress up a small wardrobe

Dress up a small wardrobe

Re-painting, a decor idea

Your little cupboard is well cleaned. Here is an original and quick way to give it "pep". There are paints specially designed to be applied to metallic surfaces. They are done with a brush and are available in a wide range of colors. Simpler, but less ecological, you will also find spray paints, perfect for small areas, designed in particular to remedy a small shock on car bodies. Even if the range of colors is not very wide, their use, in a perfectly ventilated room, is very simple.

The step by step


So choose a light shade and bomb your furniture, in very small layers. Let it dry well.


Select strips of lace and attach them to the surface of the furniture to be decorated with a few pieces of adhesive. Form a geometric design or flexible shapes.


Use a darker color than the base and curve the entire surface of the furniture.


Let dry well before delicately removing the laces… whose imprint will decorate the surface of the furniture! Another option You like paper in the tank and, despite your efforts, the surface of your furniture is not perfectly smooth… This decor is for you!


Cut or tear pieces of paper in the tank and glue them to the surface of the furniture.


Apply a coat of colorless varnish and allow to dry well.

Good to know

Prefer several very thin layers to large unsightly pies ... Let dry well after each layer.

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