When decoration ventures in Mongolia

When decoration ventures in Mongolia

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Nomadic spirit. Two words were enough to transport us to Mongolia, a setting of steppes, mountains as far as the eye can see and arid plains. Here, peoples of admirable generosity travel without stopping. Here, space and time take on a whole new dimension. Discovery of a country with an engaging decor that invites us to escape.

A surprising habitat: the yurt

If the yurt is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is because this ancestral home is one of the most intriguing of our time. The majority of Mongolian nomadic peoples continue to use this atypical and surprising residence, a real invitation to travel. Resistant in all climates, spacious and very colorful, the yurt fascinates. The ultimate dream to recreate the nomad spirit nearby , it's possible. Many travel sites offer unusual weekends and stays , but you can also opt for a yurt in the garden. Able to accommodate up to 20 people, this is an original and comfortable way to receive friends at home. Miniature version, it becomes child's play, combining easy assembly and an unparalleled space where your cherubim will be able to have fun and escape in their world.

Mongolian furniture: colorful furniture

Vitamin colors accompany the daily life of the Mongols. On clothing as in the decor, the bright shades of yellow, red, orange, green or blue, specific to the nomadic style, mix and assemble. Dressers, stools, tables or beds: no piece of furniture is an exception to the rule. As an extension of this tangy spirit, we cannot do without reasons , the secret of enchanting furniture, faithful to an enchanting and unusual culture. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"