Which carpet to choose for which room of the house?

Which carpet to choose for which room of the house?

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With the big comeback of the carpet, the choice of colors and materials is very varied! So each room has its carpet! Here are some tips for making the right choice in your interior.

The bedroom: a shaggy carpet

If shaggy carpet was trendy in the 70s, it is still trendy today and has not aged a bit! You should know that the term "shaggy" means "shaggy" or "bushy", which perfectly qualifies its appearance. Indeed, its hairs are very long and often curly to bring a very cozy comfort. We will mainly use it in the bedroom for its soft and very comfortable side. For a very cozy bedroom, we even opt for the shaggy cloud carpet from Saint-Maclou, the pile of which measures no less than 35 mm for a real invitation to softness.

Entrance: natural fibers

In the hallway, the carpet should be neither too thick nor too hard: we therefore choose natural fibers such as seagrass, sisal or wool. In terms of decoration, the seagrass is waterproof, so you will find it in natural colors. The sisal presents more original colors like chocolate, pistachio or even fuchsia. Finally the wool carpet exists in several colors and has the advantage of offering good insulation. In terms of price, natural fibers offer good value for money: at Saint-Maclou, you will find seagrass at less than 6 euros per square meter.

Stairs: thick carpet

In hallways and stairs, the carpet has the main advantage of reducing noise. To combine decor and comfort, we put on saxony carpets. These are thick, fluffy carpets made of cut pile. Long, thick wicks provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. For an even more decorative side, prefer a carpet path to enhance the wood of the steps while protecting them.