How to create a very natural balcony?

How to create a very natural balcony?

Nature invites itself on your balcony for a fantastic journey into the world of greenery and flowers. The sun's rays will soon animate this space apart. To take advantage of it, imagine yourself in the heart of the foliage and plants, nothing like a balcony filled with plants.

Plenty of plants in a planter or pot

To create a very natural universe on your balcony, decorate it with climbing plants which will bring aesthetics and originality to the place. They will also be used to hide from your neighbors on your balcony. Green plants will dress the space and bring a breath of fresh air to your balcony. This offers the opportunity to stage an atmosphere and create a secret garden. To stage this earthly paradise, arrange planters and pots around the balcony. Surrounded by nature you can indulge in a well-deserved nap after a day of work. For gardening professionals or novices, there are now functional and practical vegetable gardens which are very easy to use and which integrate very well in a small space outside. Leaves and green plants will allow the balcony to bring you well-being and relaxation. The plant walls can serve as supports for plants and bring another dimension to your balcony. As a railing, they hide your balcony from view.

Clean and romantic furniture

Add more to your balcony by incorporating a small bird house. True theater of the life of plants and animals, it respects the environment. If you want to hear the sweet song of the birds or have company as soon as you wake up, you can decorate your balcony with elements that are both decorative and useful to nature. Bird feeders give the impression of living in the forest while being in town.

Concealed lighting

To enhance the plant through discreet and suitable lighting, choose a plant wall where light finds its place and remains hidden in the leaves so as not to obstruct the eye. Lighting like this leaves room for nature and its perfection. The plant wall gives plants a special place. Play on the effects of contrast between the lighting and the foliage to create a diffuse light and in adequacy with the decoration.

Wooden flooring

The interlocking tiles invite wood on the balcony. Dressed in wood, the floor recalls the very element of nature. The wooden plate covering ensures a simple and elegant floor. Recalling trees, it creates a very natural universe. This coating provides a unique atmosphere. Balcoon Landscapers + Designers 27 rue Faidherbe - 75011 PARIS Tel. : 06 62 03 54 13 E-mail : [email protected] Web: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"