What lighting for the teenage bedroom?

What lighting for the teenage bedroom?

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To recreate a loft, urban and modern atmosphere in a teenage bedroom, opt for lighting in keeping with this contemporary style.

Lighting at the cutting edge of the trend

New York, London, cities that inspire teens and influence the urban style of a bedroom. You can access a loft spirit in a teenage bedroom with trendy lighting. It must be aesthetic and original. A lamp in sober and elegant tones like white, gray and black, dressed in a New York building design, brings a touch of modernity to the room. Decorative and inspired by New York or London streets, loft-inspired lighting attracts attention and appeals to teenagers looking for somewhere else and adventures. In metal, the trendy luminaire adapts to all universes and the bright pop colors, red, yellow, anise green. For a rock atmosphere, opt for a very designer light or with a red guitar print on a black background. Assert the rock style in a teenage bedroom by opting for trendy lighting. In order to personalize the space of the room, in a rock'n roll atmosphere, choose an original lamp. In another glamorous and chic style, take inspiration from cinema: rhinestones, glitter and colors in black and white tones. For a star decoration with many facets, use a subdued lighting combining mirror effect, tinsel and metal. Today, the luminaire adapts to all desires and all personalities to recreate a decoration in tune with the times. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"