What lighting for a nursery?

What lighting for a nursery?

The universe of the nursery must transport your little one in a magical world and conducive to his imagination. Animals and cartoon characters dress the lights for an atmosphere between discovery of nature and fairy tales, while the lamps and suspensions become playful so that baby can play or fall asleep with confidence. Here are our tips for properly lighting the little ones' room.

A cocoon of sweetness

For a baby's room, prefer soft lighting so as not to attack the infant's gaze. Forget the halogens or the lampposts with an aggressive white light in favor of a multitude of dimmed lamps and suspensions that create pretty frescoes on the walls. Light garlands can also do the trick and create a bucolic atmosphere.

Nightlights to help you fall asleep better

It is often difficult to get your baby to sleep in complete darkness. Night lights in the shape of funny animals or characters may be suitable for lighting with low light density after dark. This form of light will help your children sleep peacefully without being bothered by a diffuse and aggressive light. Soft light can act on the environment and the development of a baby, offering him the best of a restful sleep and a gently controlled awakening.

Secure lighting

In the little ones' room, care must be taken to ensure that nothing is suitable for the slightest accident. For your child to grow up safely, choose out-of-reach wall lamps and suspensions. Also think of equipping your classic luminaires with low-power bulbs (25W) for a soft and discreet light.

Moving from baby's room to child's room

When baby grows, the light will also have to adapt. His child's bedroom will arouse his curiosity and his imagination. Cartoon princesses or heroes of all kinds can then take over the child's space, decorate their intimate place and personalize the room. These original lights will bring the child to feel good in a secure world and in accordance with his tastes.