What lighting for a small bedroom?

What lighting for a small bedroom?

Lighting can be a real headache in a small room. Often a reduced space does not offer the possibility of installing ordinary lighting such as a chandelier or suspensions because this type of lighting tends to crush the space. So opt for practical and original lamps for a small room, which will allow you to have a cocooning atmosphere. Here are our tips so you don't go wrong at the time of purchase.

Wall sconces

To facilitate your reading activity before sleeping, opt for directed lighting: wall lights. These lights are perfect if you want good light on what you want to light. On the side or above the headboard, the wall lamp (steerable or not) offers better visibility to facilitate reading or working on a computer without turning on a larger light source.

Reading lights for an optimal reading corner

If you wish to have an additional light source to read a book, you can opt for a reading lamp to clip on a shelf or on your bedside table Similarly, an auxiliary lamp or a portable lamp may, as its name suggests , be modular and installed at your convenience. Practical and functional, it concentrates light and light density on a particular space.

A very soft bedside lamp

Lots of tricks are available today to light a small room without narrowing the resting place and thus optimize the space. To decorate your bedside table but also, and above all, to give a style to your bedroom, you will need to choose a bedside lamp with dim lighting suitable for the sleeping area of ​​the room. If you have two pieces of furniture that frame the bed, choose two identical models of lighting to create a beautiful visual harmony.

Suspensions in height

To avoid crushing the room, choose high suspensions. They will provide enough light to illuminate the space of the room. These lights will give a feeling of grandeur in a small room for an optimized and enlarged place. The use of suspensions in the length would obstruct the space too much and would hinder the passage in the room. The closer the fixture gets to the ceiling, the more the ceiling will enlarge the room.