The chaise longue to sit elegantly

The chaise longue to sit elegantly

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Symbol of elegance, the chaise longue is a kind of sofa with feminine lines. With a backrest and an armrest, it is designed so that the user can sit sideways. Ideal for reading, it is an ode to relaxation.

A chaise longue for what style?

The chaise longue is installed in both an old style and a contemporary style! If you have a Directoire style interior, the chaise longue will be integrated in your home like the Madame Récamier painting by Jacques-Louis David which immortalizes the witty woman on a chaise longue. If your interior is more modern, you would rather turn to a sleek chaise longue that is closer to the sofa like the mustard yellow model of Fly which caused a sensation this season.

In which room should you install a chaise longue?

The chaise longue easily finds its place in a living room as the main seat. She also settles in a library to create a reading room or even in a bedroom to relax during the day. Most : know that you can choose the side on which you want the armrest to be placed. This choice should take into account the direction that the chaise longue will take in your room. Discover our selection of chaise lounges. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"