8 decorative Christmas gifts for a little girl

8 decorative Christmas gifts for a little girl

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1. Charles Eames Style children's chair, DAW, € 31.90 2. Petite Princess wooden storage box, Tati, € 14.99 3. Alix wooden box with 6 drawers, Maisons du Monde, € 44.99 4 .Children's Triangle Triangle, Graphikids Maisons du Monde, € 89.99 5.Pink Cloud Mat, Decoloopio, € 55 6.Mirror Superhero red polka dot mask, Decoloopio, € 23 7.Luminated wooden message box, Verbaudet, 24 , 95 € 8.Japanese rabbit ball, Alinea, 4.99 € Looking for decorative gifts for a little girl at Christmas? Here is our 100% girly shopping selection with a touch of pink, graphics, and above all style! 8 ideas that will delight the heart of a pretty princess, at all prices.

Princess, dreamer or fond of adventures… there is something for everyone!

8 gift ideas to put under the tree so that your little girl wakes up in joy on Christmas morning, in a room transformed into a land of adventures, imaginary country, little paradise for Indians and cowboys: in short, a fertile ground for stories the most fabulous! Your little girl's bedroom thus competes in design with the other rooms in the house ... And it is important when you want to invite your best friends to spend the night at home!


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