Stencil wall decoration

Stencil wall decoration

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What painting?

Various paints can be used for stencil decoration, from ordinary acrylic wall paints to decorative paints - also acrylic - which are available in small pots, on the shelves and in shops specializing in hobbies and crafts. You can also use spray paint or oil colors, tube or stick.

What motives?

There are already cut out stencils, offering a whole range of different patterns, in particular garlands of flowers, leaves and fruits, animals (for example fish and starfish, for bathrooms) as well as geometric patterns in traditional or modern style and even landscapes. You can also reproduce yourself, on a stencil film or on light cardboard, any motif that appeals to you.

Tools & materials

• Cutter
cutting mat
Spirit level
Glue brush -
Acrylic or oil paint
Stencil film
Repositionable glue
Stencil brushes (different diameters)

Temporary decor

For decorating your interior at Christmas or another party, you can use stencil and easy-to-erase colors (water-based gouaches), to temporarily print decorations on the windows or even on the walls lacquered.


If you want to enlarge or reduce a pattern, use the traditional method of grid lines, with two different scale grids, referring by hand square after square. However, it is much easier to use a photocopier. Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005