The list of Christmas gifts to give to children for the whole family

The list of Christmas gifts to give to children for the whole family

Christmas very often rhymes with large tables, fir, garlands of light, sparkling decor, aperitifs that go on forever, family and of course, we're not going to lie, gifts. Because gifts are an integral part of this holiday, often we try to make everyone as happy as possible. According to the budgets, according to the tastes, according to the mood also, one will not lie. It is always a pleasure to make a gift and it is not because our little blond heads have no money that they too cannot please those around them.

Granny-classic's gift

A bouquet of felt flowers. We cut out shapes of flowers of all colors, we stick them on a stick of ice (preferably clean), we tie the bouquet with a pretty ribbon and tadaaaam, here are children busy for a whole afternoon and pretty bouquets for grandma.

We offer you a variant with this super tutorial

The gift for Tata-bouquin

A plasticized bookmark. We cut a strip of thick paper about 3x15cm. We let all the creativity of the heir express itself on this piece of paper. We laminate it ... and voila!

The gift of Papy-gourmand

A box of shortbread cookies. Because Granny never wants him to take a second one, this time it will be HIS box just for him, prepared with love, of course.

Grandpa will not share!

The cousin-geek's gift

A "geek" or "superhero" character in an iron-on bead. There are lots of models, here for example. This is the must have decor when you like this kind of thing. Not to mention that it channels them a good while to finish it!

The Gift for Uncle Head Up

An origami garland. Boat? Casserole? Plane ? Depending on Uncle's tastes, Junior is left to make a good twenty origami of any size with assorted papers (or with the favorite newspaper clippings of the uncle concerned). The first name and date of birth of each close family member are noted on it. We connect them to each other with a wire and here is a decoration of the most beautiful effect in his office so that he stops saying that he had forgotten.

We like boats!

The gift for siblings

A "good for". So that I replace you to set the table, so that I take out the trash for you etc. A kind of joker. Well warn children that "good for doing your homework for you" is no, however.

The gift for mom and dad

Because it is a question here of not making jealous between the parents, without what it is the assured drama (but not, it is not exaggerated as expression). The coolest thing is to take them blank canvases and ask them to paint the family or anything else that will have the parental bedroom as its destination. More touching, we have not yet found. With all that, they will not be able to complain about being bored the first week of the holidays and given the small budget that all these gifts will have asked for against the great pleasures they will have provoked in each other, we are almost sure that we will have to renew these ideas for next year to start again!