Sharing common spaces between roommates, instructions

Sharing common spaces between roommates, instructions

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On the student side and more and more among young adults, colocation is popular! The reason for its success? Pay less to live in a more spacious and user-friendly interior. But for community life to develop in a good mood, it is still necessary to share the space. Official spaces and space for all: we sort it out, we create rules! Fed up with loneliness, cheaper rent, a larger space where you can receive and breathe better ... whatever the reasons for opting for shared accommodation, this way of life implies tolerance, respect, a few rules of life … And a little organization. And for good reason ! Here, apart from the bedroom, we share the flagship rooms of the house with its roommates: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilets. Do not panic ! If we take into account things in the common spaces between what is ours and what is for everyone, there is no reason for tensions to be created.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom, everyone has their own storage!

Certainly, the roommates share the common rooms of the house. But between the yogurts that have been eaten too quickly or the new shampoo bottle already half empty, it is easy to start quarrels. To avoid any conflict and live happily in shared accommodation, the ideal solution is simple: everyone has their own shopping and beauty products! In the kitchen (fridge, shelves) as in the bathroom, everyone must have their own storage space, even if it means investing in boxes or an additional shelf.

A layout designed for all

To share the sofa, the table, the kitchen worktop and the shower suitably on a daily basis, apart from respecting established rules (shower times, cleaning, etc.) and affinities (watching a film or cooking together), we can always count on a few planning tips to preserve a personal aspect and feel good at home. In addition to the sofa, we take up the space of one or two armchairs, real islands to get comfortable in the living room and if possible, a small table to leave the choice of eating in the kitchen or in the living room. Finally, why not equip yourself with a screen to isolate a corner of the room, when friends are at home for example? Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"