DIY: a Christmas wreath

DIY: a Christmas wreath

Indoors or outdoors, you decorate your door with a magnificent Christmas wreath, also called Advent wreath. A few fir branches, decorative elements and you are ready for our workshop. To play you!

The preparation

Cut several branches of your tree (preferably at the bottom and below, it is less visible) or take some tuba. Collect an old laundry hanger, newspaper and bolduc (ribbon for wrapping gifts). Choose decorative elements (small Christmas balls, ribbon, pine cones…). It's up to you to play ! - Deform the hanger to make a circle. -Tie your bolduc to the hanger and let it hang down. - Crease the newspaper and wrap it around the hanger that you use as a support. As you go, pass the bolduc around the whole to maintain everything. The crown takes shape. -Finish your circle and tie a knot to secure everything. -Pass your fir branches in the bolduc (you can cut them to make it easier) in order to cover all the newspaper. Objective: to form a beautiful crown.

The decoration

Depending on the style you want to give to your crown, you have several options. -You can play on a theme of colors: red and gold or white and red ... -You can bet on a style: Nature with pine cones and ribbons. Polar with white stars and Led garlands or Frosted (whatever the decor, you pass a layer of artificial snow on the composition and voila!) ... In short, everything is allowed, you can also get inspired on the Net by typing "Christmas wreath". You can also mix with eucalyptus stems, mistletoe or holly. The possibilities are limitless !

The interview

It is not because the tree is cut that it should not be pampered a little. As with your Christmas tree, the ideal is to spray a little water each day on your wreath. The thorns will fall less quickly and the life of the crown will be longer. Indoors, avoid placing your crown near a heat source (radiator, fireplace) which tends to dry out the branches. You know everything! Visual source: