Lunar calendar for gardening in January 2020

Lunar calendar for gardening in January 2020

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Lunar gardening calendar: the principle

For more than a century, several generations of gardeners and peasants have observed theinfluence of the moon on the quality of their crops. By comparing observations and experiences, several principles were highlighted, which made it possible to establish correspondences between the phases of the moon, its trajectory in the sky and the development of plants… with the key real benefits of the moon over the plants, fruits and vegetables of the garden!

Lunar calendar in January 2020: which moon phases?

If you follow the precepts of the lunar gardening, the rising and falling phases of the moon are very important: indeed, the rising moon phases are those during which you will be able to sow, grow, graft; while the descending phases will be reserved for pruning, planting, cutting and repotting.

Likewise, during the phases of the crescent moon (period which passes from the new moon to the full moon) the harvests are supposed to be reserved for conservation, while during the waning moon phases (period which passes from the full moon to the next new moon), the harvests are made to be consumed.

During the first half of January : 

  • From January 1 to January 7, 2020: ascending moon
  • January 8-19, 2020: waning moon
  • First quarter: Friday January 3
  • Full moon: Friday January 10

During the second half of January :

  • From January 19 to 31, 2020: rising moon
  • Last quarter: Friday January 17
  • New Moon: Friday January 24

Lunar calendar of January 2020: the days when it is better not to garden

Gardening with the moon involves respecting certain principles, such as that of not gardening (or avoiding gardening 5 hours before or after) on days when the moon is at a period:

  • Apogee, which corresponds to the moment when, during its rotation around the Earth, the moon deviates from it as much as possible (maximum distance between the Earth and the Moon).
  • Perigee, which corresponds to the moment when, during its journey around the Earth, the moon gets as close as possible to the latter (minimum distance between the two stars).
  • Lunar node (when, during its rotation around the Earth, the moon "cuts" the plane of rotation of the latter around the Sun).

For the month of January 2020 :

  • Lunar perigee: Monday, January 13
  • Descending lunar node: Friday January 10
  • Lunar climax: Wednesday January 29
  • Ascending lunar node: Wednesday January 22

Lunar calendar of January 2020: fruit days, leaf days, flower days…

Taking into account its orbit, its axis and its distance from the Earth, the moon calendar differentiates:

  • Fruit days, during which you will have to focus on your fruit trees, whether planting, sowing or harvesting!
  • On root days, where it will be necessary to focus on planting, sowing and harvesting bulbs and root vegetables.
  • Flower days, in other words the perfect days to care for your flowers, shrubs and other plants.
  • On leaf days, particularly favorable for cutting, pruning, planting, sowing and cutting of leafy plants.

Applied to the lunar gardening calendar in January 2020:

  • Fruit days in January 2020 : Sunday January 5, Sunday January 12, Monday January 13, Tuesday January 14, Wednesday January 22, Thursday January 23.
  • Root days in January 2020 : Monday January 6, Tuesday January 7, Wednesday January 8, Wednesday January 15, Thursday January 16, Friday January 17, Friday January 24.
  • Flower days in January 2020 : Thursday January 9, Friday January 10, Saturday January 18, Sunday January 19, Saturday January 25, Sunday January 26, Monday January 27.
  • Leaf days in January 2020 : Wednesday January 1, Thursday January 2, Friday January 3, Saturday January 4, Saturday January 11, Monday January 20, Tuesday January 21, Tuesday January 28, Wednesday January 29, Thursday January 30, Friday January 31.