The art of napping outdoors

The art of napping outdoors

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The specialists are unanimous: a small nap in the early afternoon is a real concentrate of benefits for the body. On vacation, you reconnect with this well-being practice by installing a corner dedicated to rest in your garden or on your balcony to fill up on sensations before the start of the school year!

The benefits of napping in the garden

In the early afternoon, the brain needs a short break to recharge. Yes, yes, it is not a myth but a scientific reality! Digestion or not, the sixth hour of the day (sexta hora in Latin, which gave the word siesta) should be devoted to a mini-rest to regulate our hypertension, boost our immunity, promote our memory and creativity, decrease our stress and increase our resistance to pain. In summer, when the heat invites you to slow down, it's the perfect time to learn this ancestral ritual. And outdoors, it's even better! Well installed in the shade, we focus on the rustling of the wind in the leaves, the song of birds, the murmur of flowing water… Even better than a CD of relaxation! 15 to 20 minutes of drowsiness is enough to wake up calm, with the impression of reconnecting with your deep sensations. Happiness in short!

A teepee or a garden tent for a bohemian nap.

How to arrange a nap corner?

But sleeping outside cannot be improvised! To put the odds on its side and sleep the sleep of just the nose in the wind, a little preparation is essential. First you need to take stock of your sleep habits. Can you sleep in a semi-recumbent position in a lounge chair or do you need to be in a completely horizontal position? Do we need darkness or can we sleep in the shade? Do we need to feel slightly cradled? Then, we set up a rest area adapted to their needs in their garden, on their terrace or on their balcony, taking care to ensure that they are well sheltered from the sun to avoid waking up red like a lobster! Lovers of horizontality opt for garden beds, those who need to be cradled invest in a beautiful hammock, and lovers of darkness set up a tent or a teepee to take refuge in to sleep ...

A lounge chair, the song of the cicadas… Happy nap!

The right furniture and accessories for napping outdoors

Sun loungers, sunbeds and deckchairs are essential for lying in the garden, sleeping, reading, bubbling or meditating. In teak, aluminum or braided resin, they make you want to let go while looking at the clouds. Discover our selection of sunbeds and deckchairs for the garden or the balcony. When space is sufficient, the garden bed is the Rolls Royce of garden furniture for napping outdoors. If you are a recovery and DIY enthusiast, simple white painted pallets, comfortable mattresses and soft cushions do the trick, but don't forget to install a velum to create a canopy bed effect! In the garden, on the campsite, on the balcony or even in the living room, the hammock immediately gives the impression of being on vacation! Accessible, this nomadic accessory can be taken anywhere to take a nap in the great outdoors, with the feeling of being cradled like a baby. Discover our selection of hammocks for pure moments of relaxation.

A hammock to let yourself be lulled by the sound of the water… In the same spirit, garden cradles and hanging chairs have the advantage of taking up less space and being easily installed on a balcony.

A car equipped for a nap, that tells you?