The decor you can't have at home when you have young children!

The decor you can't have at home when you have young children!

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When a baby arrives, you have to start thinking about arranging and securing its interior as well as its exterior. Once they crawl and start walking the little ones explore the world and are not aware of the danger. But you must also be ready to sacrifice some decorative elements that you had or that you dream of having at home!

The bias between decoration and security

It is certain that if you have young children, to arrange and secure your interior and exterior is essential. Failure to do so is a considerable risk to your child or children. There will inevitably be decoration or layout choices to review because the children are not aware of the danger and can sometimes be small tornadoes ... But these are only a few sacrifices in terms of decor and layout which, rest assured, will not last forever! When your children are older, you will have more freedom in your choice of interior and exterior decoration.

A beautiful sofa

I just want to change my sofa but I think it might be more appropriate to wait a little longer ... My son is not yet clean, accidents often happen from his bedroom to the living room and the sofa is not also not immune to the felt blows… Not to mention rolling, climbing, the sofa sometimes also acts as a trampoline. So before cracking on a beautiful leather sofa in velvet or light fabric, wait until your children grow a little.

Wait until the children reach the age of reason before investing in a beautiful sofa…

The serving bar

Very trendy, the serving bar undoubtedly brings a retro chic side to your living room. Unfortunately, at the birth of your child, it will be necessary to think of storing it in the cellar, if you do not have another room (secure) where you can install it… From the first four legs of your cherub, it is necessary to secure your apartment or house and keep away all dangers. And it is clear that leaving bottles of alcohol within the reach of children is really not a good idea…

Say goodbye to the serving bar in the living room!


If you already have cacti, you will need to place them high up, in an inaccessible corner or outside in the summer. From 3 years old, your child will be old enough to understand that you shouldn't touch the cactus or jump around ... To avoid drama, be sure to place it in a place where your child will have little chance of prick with. One avoids for example to place it in a place of passage. Remember to remove it if you are having a snack with your boyfriends or a birthday party!

Children must be protected from cacti and vice versa!

Unframed frames and mirrors

Another nice decoration that will have to be done if you have young children and that you see in pretty interiors: frames or mirrors placed on the floor or on low furniture. Toddlers could drop them easily, by touching them, sitting against them, running or bumping them with a carrier. While waiting for your child (ren) to grow, you will have to hang them on the wall!

Beware of unfixed frames and mirrors…

A carpet under the dining table

We often see it in decorating magazines, sometimes in interiors on Instagram accounts or on mom's blogs, this pretty carpet under the dining table but I remain skeptical when it comes to its maintenance… Personally, when my son finished his meal, there is bound to be food that ends up on the floor even if I took all the precautions beforehand. So if you do not want to have a stained carpet and easily clean under the dining table, it is best not to put it at all!

A carpet under the dining table with young children: is it really a good idea?

Furniture that is not stable

The little ones climb everywhere, especially the most intrepid, and they will surely not resist the idea of ​​climbing this small mottled wooden stepladder or this separation made of wooden crates, on which you store books, plants and decorative items.

Wobbly furniture that children can climb on should be avoided

Vases, plants, trinkets and fragile decorative items

It is not forbidden to have vases, green plants, trinkets or fragile decorative objects at home when you have young children, but I strongly advise you, if you want, to place them high, in completely safe. The little ones touch everything, the older ones move, dance, run, jump and it is certain that if they are within reach or placed in a risky place, there is a good chance that they will end up broken, and potentially they can also hurt your children!