Welcome your guests with a few little touches!

Welcome your guests with a few little touches!

To welcome friends at home, you do not necessarily have to go broke: small attentions, well thought out and personalized, can largely suffice! The editorial team gives you ideas for small attentions that are always fun, to welcome your friends as they deserve.

A welcoming table decoration to welcome friends

Are your guests coming for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner? Whatever the occasion, take care of the table decoration to show them that you are waiting for them: * Make a beautiful table with your favorite dishes * If you have flowers in the garden, take the opportunity to put a bouquet of fresh flowers in the center of the table * Fold the napkins in an original shape * Serve the fruit juices in a carafe, to avoid the cardboard box next to your pretty dishes * Put some candles or decorative objects on the table. * You can also slip into each plate a little surprise, like weddings: a personalized card, a bag of chocolates, a flower ... Also make sure that the cleaning is done, and that nothing is lying around, for more comfort. The important thing is to adapt to the style of your guests ... We don't put the small dishes in the big ones every time (unless you like it!), But we put on one or two bonus elements that prove that you are careful to the people you love.

Blackboard effect paint as labels: clever!

Know how to receive with a menu to the taste of the guests!

Above all, plan a meal that does not monopolize you in the kitchen, because your friends want to see you! Bet on dishes that are easy to reheat and serve. And if you know their tastes, do not hesitate to play the card of the favorite dish, it will make them happy… Little attention that pleases every time: offer a cupcake or a chocolate with coffee or tea. This proves that you are detail-oriented! Even if your friends are more of a "good franquette" kind, nobody sulks an extra sweet treat. Finally, if they are present at breakfast, croissants and fresh bread, it is appreciable! But if it means getting up at dawn on a Sunday, a homemade cake or jam will also do the trick!

Are your friends vegetarians? Forget the ham and take out the fruit for brunch!

Plan activities to keep your guests occupied

It is not a question here of planning an hour-by-hour schedule of activities, but proposing activities to put a little atmosphere before or after lunch allows you to guarantee that the good mood will be there! Check with your local tourist office a few days before to find out if there are any tours or special events that might be of interest. Plan a nice walk or fun outdoor games! Also involve your guests if you don't have what it takes: they may have a favorite board game that they will be delighted to bring!

Is the meal over? Have you thought of great activities to entertain your guests?

Small gifts for the guests who stay sleeping

As soon as they put their suitcase in their room, welcome your friends by showing them that they are expected as distinguished guests at the hotel! It's very pleasant! * a WELCOME card on the bedside table * a fresh flower in a vase * clean towels in the bathroom * shower products, a small scented soap, a moisturizer * small chocolates on the pillow, even a kettle with tea bags and glasses (this can be very useful if they wake up before you!) Also remember to ventilate the room well before their arrival, and check that the sheets smell good and clean. Finally, do not hesitate to spray a little mist of linen on the pillows so that the room smells sweet and fragrant. You will understand: by simply showing your friends that you are waiting for them and receiving them with joy, that you have thought of making them happy, the stay will be all the more warm ... and the shared moment pleasant for all!

Small free toiletries will always have a great effect!