The 4 essentials of a decor with a tavern atmosphere

The 4 essentials of a decor with a tavern atmosphere

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Who has never dreamed of diving into the mythical atmosphere of the popular balls of French villages, where the long summer evenings invite to party and take on retro airs. With an accordion tune in the background, we provide you with the instructions for an outdoor decor with a tavern atmosphere, conviviality as a bonus!

Vichy at the table, an essential for tavern decor

The essential in the common imagination? The famous red checkered tablecloth , which instantly sets the tone for the place. At the rendezvous, an atmosphere of good franquette, simple, not stilted for a penny and very friendly. Enhance your table with country bouquets and surround it with folding metal garden chairs. Sober, light and functional, they are available in multiple colors and will facilitate the layout of your summer tavern. The little extra : Have small labels that you have made yourself to indicate the places of your guests. Delicate attention much appreciated.

As a tablecloth or, more discreetly, on the table runner, Vichy tiles set the tone!

Garlands galore for a tavern until the end of the night

The guinguette atmosphere plays with and abuses retro codes. Treat yourself and get inspired by the popular and friendly atmosphere of village balls by hanging light garlands (black or colored), pennants, lanterns and inflatable balloons in the trees. The little extra : The paper windmills to make yourself and hang in the branches. Vintage and festive spirit guaranteed.

Fabric pennants and windmills so that the spirit of the party blows in your garden!

A counter with a retro spirit

What would a tavern be without its little bistro? Definitely not a tavern! So find a place not far from your vichy table and set up a counter there village bar to store your drinks. Note that lemonade bottles are particularly popular. Do not hesitate to have crates filled with sausages, cold meats and all kinds of cheeses ... This is what is called a French tavern! The little extra : Candy jars that will put stars in the eyes of the little ones.

No tavern without food in abundance!

Games and accessories for a friendly tavern

Who says village party says bowling ! Invest in a corner of your exterior to create a space dedicated to the famous game of boules where the older ones can have fun and show off their legendary bad faith… Not far away, have a wheelbarrow full of ice cream and sodas to prevent players - obsessed with the game - from becoming dehydrated. As for the little ones, a swing will fill them up for sure! The little extra : Create benches with haystacks, but don't forget to cover them with fabric before offering these seats to your guests. Otherwise, ouch, ouch, ouch ...

A fairground air invades your peaceful garden, for everyone's pleasure!


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