A decoration in your image with Souffle D'Interior

A decoration in your image with Souffle D'Interior

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“It is better to have a small place at home than a large one for others,” says Patricia Durand with a smile as she visits her decoration shop. Souffle D'interieur, that's its name, is small for sure but it definitely feels like home. A feeling that probably comes from the manager's personality, passionate about decoration since childhood. "My first drawings were decorated house cuts," she recalls. Five years ago when she worked as a showroom manager, a sales representative told her that a decorator was trying to sell her shop in Enghien-les-Bains. Patricia jumps at the opportunity: Souffle D'Interior is born. For the manager, her job is of course to express her passion for decoration but also her taste for others. “Taking care of the interior of people is not trivial”, she says, “It is something very symbolic, very personal. You have to know how to identify the customer very quickly to find the product that suits him. ”In the shop, customers can first choose from a range of paints and wallpapers from the prestigious brand Farrow and Balls, objects, fabrics, furniture and carpets. Patricia also offers larger jobs, for an entire room or even an entire house. “I try to work with their expectations and make them something harmonious,” she explains, “For example by combining a very busy and colorful print with a more sober fabric.”

A Souffle D'Interior all furniture is guaranteed for one year, a way of showing customers that after-sales support is as important as the service itself. It is thanks to this policy that the store has managed to forge a very special relationship with its public, as Patricia describes it: “Many customers regularly come to see me, to give me news of their family. It is a great source of pride for me. ”

To contact or meet us: Souffle of interior, 11 rue de Mora, 95880 Enghien-les-Bains Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10H to 12H30 and from 14H30 to 19H Saturday from 10H30 to 19H Phone: 01 39 64 83 41 - 06 22 73 16 83 Email address: [email protected] Facebook: //


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