Which coffee machine to choose?

Which coffee machine to choose?

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The coffee machine: a staple of the kitchen as of our daily life! Depending on the time you have available, the type of coffee you like and the budget you want to spend on it, you will not all opt for the same models. We help you choose the right coffee machine for your needs.

Choose your coffee maker according to your criteria

Before you turn to a particular type of machine, ask yourself how much coffee you consume at home. Because different criteria come into play: are you alone or with your family? Do you like tight, filter or gourmet coffee? Are you sensitive to the different types of coffee, their origin? Do you have time to prepare it or are you in a hurry? Without counting the budget that must be devoted: purchase of the coffee maker, accessories, raw material ... You will see more clearly once your needs have been identified.

How do you like your coffee?

Opt for an espresso machine

Do you like short or long coffee, prepared in the blink of an eye? The capsule or grinder machines are made for you! They have the advantage of being automatic, therefore practical when your time is running out. Side capsules, you are spoiled for choice to vary the flavors, you will simply choose the type of machine according to the capsules you will use. As for the models with an integrated bean grinder, they can be just as practical, with the advantage that you will choose coffee beans without having to adopt a brand. You just have to integrate the coffee beans into the grinder of the machine and voila. If the machine with a grinder is more expensive than the one with capsules when purchased, the cost price of coffee is more advantageous in the long run, especially if there are many of you at home.

Pressed coffee for the most expressos (or vice versa)!

The coffee machine for large cups

It is the famous filter coffee maker, the most widespread model in France, for coffee lovers in large cups. It is the machine most often used in the morning because the extraction method drains more caffeine. She seems old-fashioned, basic for some, and she is often accused of delivering sock juice. Wrong because the models available are more and more efficient. It's more about making the right choice of coffee, ground or bean, to get very good results. Electric, the filter coffee maker requires very little handling to prepare large quantities of coffee, with comfortable accessories to keep the drink warm. However, be careful not to leave it on for too long to avoid consuming too much electricity.

Opt for a programmable model to have your hot coffee upon waking!

The coffee machine for purists

It's a return to tradition with these types of machines,manual , which allow you to prepare a very aromatic coffee. They ask to know how to do it because there are a certain number of rules that must be observed. The easiest to use is Italian coffee maker or mocha coffee maker , from which the coffee is extracted by a pressure system. Very inexpensive, this model exists in several formats, and requires little preparation. The French press is also quite practical but requires compliance with the correct dosages and an infusion time. Finally the manual filter coffee maker , including the famous Chemex. Preparing coffee with her has become a real way of life. It requires respect for dosages and temperatures, such as the choice of coffee and filters. It is the gentle method for which one takes time. The coffee obtained is of great aromatic richness!

Ultra decorative, we could see the Chemex coffee maker enthroned on the library…

The gourmet drink machine

Do you find the little black boy too boring or even bitter? Choose a pod machine ! Manufacturers are redoubling their inventiveness to offer various flavors . Unlike capsules, pods often produce lighter coffee. We are less on the side of the espresso, very dense. With the pods, we can imagine gourmet drinks: cappuccino, macchiato, mocaccino… or declined in sometimes unusual flavors, like speculoos, vanilla cream, chocolate, apple crumble, mint. The greediest will be served!

Cappuccino lovers will not hesitate long!