Domo-confort: expert in closing and home security

Domo-confort: expert in closing and home security

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Thanks to new technologies, do you know that it is possible to manage your house with a simple click on your mobile phone? This is what Domo-Confort offers, which since 1999 has specialized in facilitating connected orders. From the gate to the garage door, rolling shutters to the front door, without forgetting the presence or smoke detectors, almost everything can be managed remotely, provided, however, that you have a good grasp of the application.

It is then possible to set up life scenarios: program to turn on the light or lift the shutters when you are away, then close everything at the scheduled time, thanks to the joys of home automation.

"Unlike conventional alarms sold by subscription and which are triggered after a violation of the home, our products, once installed, allow to intervene even before the intrusion. We put an outdoor presence radar, badges with detection opening and glass breakage. At the slightest attempt at intrusion, the alarm triggers the automatic closing of the shutters, lights up and takes a picture of the burglar before sending it to the owner. "he is at the other end of the world, is warned of the incident via the application in his Smartphone, he only has to check the source of the problem. It is up to him, according to the concern observed, to prevent the police or the fire department, because it is not possible to do it directly and in 90% of cases the problem arises after improper handling of the alarm, "explains Norbert Studlé, manager of Domo-Confort.

To help you take good control of the connected command, Domo-Confort offers a showroom which reconstructs all intrusion situations and good practices for the various alarms offered, "We make sure to properly train and advise our customers in order to better protect their good while making everyday life easier, "concludes Norbert Studlé.

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