How to make a dining room warm?

How to make a dining room warm?

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With family or friends, the dining room remains the main room for enjoying good times together. So yes, sharing a meal in charming company can help to obtain a friendly atmosphere, but the choice of your decoration has a lot to do with it. Accessories, furniture, color palette ... We give you some express tips for a cozy dining room from all angles. Enjoy your meal !

An open kitchen for a cozy dining room

If the layout of your dining room allows it, consider creating openings between your different spaces. The advantage: instead of spending hours locked up in the separate kitchen, you will no longer miss the good times with family or with your guests throughout the meal. Goodbye the endless back and forth between the different rooms. Whether you have an open kitchen, or a large serving hatch or a partition without a door, this loft spirit guarantees a convivial and warm dining room. We validate.

This New York loft-style kitchen - dining room is ideal for admiring the cook in action or testing recipes with others.

Contrast effects for a convivial dining room

Whatever the style of your dining room, to bring it conviviality, you will have to play on contrasts. We think of materials, textures, colors, shapes and prints for a wow effect. Try a nice mix & match of mismatched chairs, designer accessories, vintage furniture or colorful walls. However, be careful not to do too much to avoid overloading the part and obtaining the opposite effect.

Transform your dining room without breaking the bank with the mix & match. Dare to mix chairs and mismatched furniture!

Central lighting for a bright dining room

The lighting in your dining room will set the tone for the general atmosphere of the room. It is therefore necessary to attach important to it down to the smallest detail. Regardless of the proportions of the room, the focal point for a cozy dining room remains the addition of a light placed in the center of the room, above the table. Also dare the succession of small suspensions or a large low suspension for a soft light. You can also have several table lamps across the room to increase small light sources and thus create an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

The low suspensions placed above a large dining room table will bring conviviality to any room!

Size storage for a characterful dining room

So yes, a self-respecting dining room is composed of a large table and soft chairs to enjoy meals for several comfortably. But that's not enough. To add personality and create a friendly atmosphere in the room, don't forget the storage! If possible, choose character furniture such as a vintage sideboard, an arts deco sideboard or a designer shelf. They will be perfect for displaying your dishes or your favorite objects, and thus create a warm decor.

The combination of a contemporary shelf and a revamped vintage sideboard adds character to this dining room. Keep your old storage and refresh it!

A warm dining room yes, but not dark!

It is often believed that a warm atmosphere requires very soft, very warm colors, such as a deep red or orange. However, nothing forces you to have a dark room overgrown with cushions to furnish a cozy dining room. You can very well opt for bright colors and let daylight invade the room! Without having a dining room of all colors, you can have here and there decorative elements in colors as sparkling as yellow, electric blue, apple green. These cheerful touches will help warm the atmosphere: there is no doubt about it!

Brighten up your dining room like here, with bright colors like pop yellow. Good humor guaranteed!

A cozy central carpet for a warm decor

An essential element for a warm decoration: the carpet! The bigger and better it is (for example, placed in the center of the room), the more the temperature rises in the dining room! If when entering your living room you immediately want to take off your shoes and socks to tread on your faux fur, quilted or quilted carpet, it is because you have managed to create a cozy atmosphere in your room to eat. So do not hesitate to set your sights on a fluffy XXL rug to place just under the table. For the look, printed, traditional style or plain Scandinavian style, it's up to you!

Give relief to your room with a printed XXL rug that is sure to add character to your dining room.

A fireplace for a cozy atmosphere by the fire

A chimney fire will immediately give a warm and friendly character to your room. Who would deny it? On the other hand, the fireplace is not a decorative element that you add in three stages to your dining room. Fortunately there are additional fireplaces, electric, which will allow you to more easily enjoy the beautiful spectacle offered by a chimney fire in winter. You can already imagine the fondues by the fire. You will always have the leisure to change the arrangement of the room according to your desires ... But you will certainly risk getting a taste for it!

For a cozy and original dining room, consider inverting the living room side with the dining area. More than authentic result.

A wall decoration for a warm atmosphere

We forget it too often but an artistic wall decoration can change the atmosphere of a dining room in the blink of an eye. Wooden panels, shelves, photographs, indoor plants, design objects or decorative frames, you have carte blanche. Your decor will certainly not go unnoticed and will undoubtedly be at the heart of discussions between dishes.

À la carte: give relief to your dining room with this mix & match of decorative shelves. Perfect for displaying your design objects in all originality.

It's up to you to spice up the decor of your dining room as you wish… Bon appétit!