4 ways to make your life easier with Pinterest

4 ways to make your life easier with Pinterest

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We will explain how Pinterest, the visual discovery engine that accompanies us in our search for inspiration, is a great tool to make life at home easier… The proof in 4 tips!

Find the perfect color for your home

How to find the color of your dreams to repaint your interior? * Create a "colors" table on Pinterest * Do a search on the room you want to repaint, "cozy room" for example * Pin all the photos you like without thinking, let the favorites! * When you have pinned around fifty photos of "cozy room", analyze your table: are there one or more colors that stand out? At home, it was green!

Organize your weekly menus

Every Saturday before I go shopping, I set up my menu for dinners for the coming week. To be as efficient as possible, this is how I do it: * Open Pinterest, access my recipe tables * I have a recipe table for each season, so I go to my "Recipes for fall" table * I do a small selection of gourmet dishes - and easy to make! * I just have to make my shopping list and I'm ready for the week. The extra tip: once you've made one of the recipes on your board, you can add a comment. For example, for a savory pie, I noticed that with my oven, it was better to remove 5 minutes at the cooking time indicated on the recipe.

Thinking about Christmas gifts

Each year is the race for Christmas gifts! I decided that this year would be different. So I took the lead and created several months ago a private painting which allows me to collect all the objects (or DIY for that matter!) that I come across on the internet and which make me think of one of my loved ones. So there is this whiskey carafe for my stepfather, these knitting potholders for my mother, etc. I'll be ready for Christmas!

Make your list to Santa

Finally, let's think a little more selfish: and if Pinterest helped your loved ones by guiding them to the products and objects that will make you really happy. For my part, better than letting magazines hang around surrounding pubs with rings or handbags, I created a table on Pinterest that I called "Wishlist". Obviously, this table is public, my mother-in-law as my best friends have access to it. How many days is Christmas? And don't forget to take part in the super contest "My perfect cozy room"!