It's decided, I make my compost!

It's decided, I make my compost!

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In town as in the countryside, in house as in apartment, we are more and more numerous to compost our waste. This technique, which simply consists in piling up organic waste from the kitchen and the garden to make it of excellent quality fertilizer, is much simpler than it seems. So whatever your situation, if you want to reduce your waste while doing good to the environment, follow the guide!

I have a garden: I make a compost in a silo

To compost in your garden, start by acquiring a composting silo, or make it yourself with wooden planks. Pile up your kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds) and your green waste (dead leaves, cut herbs, twigs ...), if possible after having reduced them to pieces with an electric grinder. Above all, avoid plants carrying diseases, ashes and chemicals. Try to alternate the layers, add a little soil and water regularly to prevent the whole from drying out. The compost must remain moist and airy: remember to mix it vigorously every month. Depending on the heat, you will get a wonderful compost, similar to potting soil, in four to eight months.

In a few months, the lunch peels turn into natural fertilizer.

I live in a building: I offer collective compost

In recent years, collective composting initiatives have multiplied. In Besançon, more than 1,500 buildings are now equipped with collective composters, where each resident can bring their green waste. Whether you are a tenant or an owner, do not hesitate to offer this practical and ecological solution to your neighbors. You just need to be motivated, to have easy access to a 5m2 flat space in the common areas and to be ready to take matters into your own hands. The cost is very reasonable, and you can then use the compost to amend the flower beds in front of the building…

Composting at the foot of the building is attracting more and more condominiums. And you ?

I live in an apartment: I try vermicomposting

Do you live in an apartment and your neighbors are not very motivated by collective composting? Never mind, all you have to do is install a vermicomposter in your kitchen or on your balcony. You will find more and more models in the trade which allow you to recycle your peelings at home, quickly and without odor, thanks to the action of earthworms which work as conscientiously as discreetly. If these little beasts don't attract you more than that, don't be afraid, you will quickly forget their presence!

Composting in your kitchen is possible thanks to the action of earthworms.

I live in a committed town: I dare to use neighborhood compost

Finally, the last solution: collective composting offered by your municipality. Across France, more and more municipalities have set up neighborhood composters. Ask your town hall, and if it does not offer this service, get together in a neighborhood collective and propose the idea to your mayor!

Collective composting is starting to be offered by the municipalities.