What faucets for the bathroom?

What faucets for the bathroom?

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Thermostatic mixer? Rain sky? Waterfall tap? Choosing the right bathroom faucet is not always easy ... Want to see more clearly among all the offers available on the market? We take stock of the questions to ask, trends and details to know to enjoy the benefits of water in the bathroom.

Bathroom taps: mixer versus mixer tap

When planning a new bathroom or replacing an old faucet, there is always the question of whether one will choose a mixer or a mixer? To distinguish the different types of faucets, let's dwell for a moment on the jargon of the bathroom faucet manufacturers. * The bathroom mixer is the classic faucet in yesterday and (slightly less) bathrooms. The temperature and the flow rate of the water are adjusted for each use using two handles (often) identified by a blue tablet (cold water) and a red tablet (hot water). * The bathroom mixer is a tap fitted with a single lever that is operated from bottom to top and from left to right to set the temperature and flow of the water with more or less precision. * The thermostatic bathroom mixer manages the flow and temperature of the water precisely. Its two graduated handles allow you to benefit from predefined settings for each use. Water efficient and easy to use, the thermostatic mixing valve is more and more popular.

Mixer on the left, mixer on the right: in between, your heart rocks?

What design and what finishes for bathroom faucets?

Contemporary, retro, refined or classic ... the taps have closely followed the evolution of bathroom furniture, so that today it fits all styles of bathrooms and all ergonomics of sinks, basins, bathtubs, showers, bidets and hand basins. Whether they are minimalist, design, contemporary or round, your bathroom faucets can be formidable aesthetic allies ... provided, however, that they match well with your bathroom furniture. A high chrome spout tap placed on a raised basin is perfect for revealing the DNA of the most designer bathrooms. For a pond with a Zen and natural ambiance, a waterfall mixer tap or a wooden shower column are ideal. Do you dream of a vintage bathroom? Choose a tap in retro design , with cross-shaped handles and gold or copper finish.

A mixer with retro charm in a bathroom with very soft tones.

The right size faucets for the bathroom

The choice of bathroom faucets is also based on the format and size of your room and the use of faucets. To choose the right sink faucet , it is for example necessary to take into account the height of the spout and the depth of the tap. If you want to wash your hands, teeth (or even hair) and easily fill a bucket to wash by hand, a high spout tap is recommended. For a miniature hand basin: place the tap with low spout or medium spout. A shower or bathtub faucet will not have the same use. Sometimes you will need to install a hand shower in the tub or fix an overhead shower on the wall or ceiling. Unless you opt for a "hydrotherapy" shower column? Atmosphere worthy of the spa 100% guaranteed!

Check the height of the spout to wash your hands without flooding the room!

Faucet quality and technology

If the purchase of bathroom taps is often motivated by functionality, design, practicality and finishes, the quality criterion should not be lost sight of… at the risk of having to change your fittings faster than expected. Resistance to wear, sealing, lifetime, level of finish, warranty period (5 or 10 years) and NF certification are the guarantees of quality materials. The choice of bathroom taps also meets ecological criteria more than ever ... This is not negligible when you know that the average flow rate of a tap is about 12 liters per minute. To reduce this figure and consume less water: jet breaker, aerator, water saver and thermostatic mixer are indicated! The innovations in terms of fittings finally go from the side massage jet system to digital technology. Tactile mixers, integration of light, sound and steam modules are at the heart of the latest innovations… to the delight of music lovers, high-tech fans and spa enthusiasts.


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