How to store your kitchen knives?

How to store your kitchen knives?

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Because they can cut and be damaged, kitchen knives should be stored in suitable places, not loose with other utensils. Here are the options available to you for storing your knives. A bit like the instrument for the musician, kitchen knives are essential for those who are used to cooking. There is a whole battery of them, of various shapes and sizes, for different uses. If wooden spoons, silicone spatulas and other steel ladles are usually stored in bulk in drawers or pots, your blades on the contrary, in order to secure and preserve them, must be stored in dedicated locations.

The block for storing knives

A support as practical as decorative on the worktop! Your blades are preserved, simply slid into their place, and within reach. It remains to choose the material of your block, natural wood, steel or plastic, so that it takes place nicely in the kitchen.

The knife block is reinventing itself: design, magnetic, there is something for everyone!

The magnetic bar for storing knives

The steel blades are simply magnetized on a wall-mounted knife bar. A saving of space and time to seize them skillfully. More reductive that said if you have other types of blades, ceramic in particular, which can not be accommodated.

Knife storage drawers

No good bulk! We are talking about dedicated drawers, with a knife compartment, often made of wood, to store the blades by size. It is even better if they are under the worktop. It will also be safer if you want to keep them out of the reach of children.

Storing knives in drawers is not a good practice, unless the drawers are suitable!

Store knives in a case

Ideal if you travel often with your equipment! Handy and mobile, these knife storage kits are available in different sizes and materials according to your needs. And if you never move your knives, you will look like a real pro at home with your briefcase!