Tutorial children: a chick in pompoms

Tutorial children: a chick in pompoms

Soon Easter and therefore, the avalanche of chocolate eggs so much awaited by the little ones… and by the big ones! To vary the pleasures, we offer a creative workshop to do with your loustics. A few pompoms and accessories will give life to a very soft downy chick. All in 10 minutes!


- 1 ball of yellow wool - 1 pompom kit - Yellow or orange felt - 1 orange chenille thread - 1 white sheet - Scissors - Glue - 1 black felt

Budget: 15 euros Duration: 15 minutes Age of children: from 6 years


1. Start by positioning your pompom kit. We prefer to use a kit rather than cardboard because it allows you to make different sizes of pompoms more easily and quickly! However with cardboard rings it remains the same technique.

2. Surround your yellow wool kit then cut the ball by sliding the end of the thread under the previous threads.

3. Ditto the second side! Gather the two half circles to get your complete ring. We reassure you, each pompom kit is always accompanied by a manual!

4. Cut your wool by sliding your scissors between the rings. So that the strands of your pompom do not escape, quickly slip a thread to keep them in the center. Tighten your thread very tight to form the pompom.

5. Trim the strands if necessary and cut the center thread. Your first pompom, the one that will make the body of your chick, is finished!

6. Repeat the operation with this time a smaller template which will represent the head of your chick.

7. When you have obtained your two pompoms, glue them together.

8. Let's move on! While the tassels glued together are drying, cut out a small triangle from the white sheet. Use this template to then cut out a slightly larger triangle from the felt.

9. Fold the paper triangle then put glue on it to surround it with the felt triangle. Rest a point of glue and then place your two triangles on the small pompom. Your beak is ready!

10. Draw on the sheet two black circles: these are the big eyes of your chick. You can also buy movable eyes to stick or draw more funny eyes, by varying the shapes and colors. It's up to your child to have fun!

11. Glue both eyes… your little chick is taking shape!

12. The orange chenille thread will be used to make the legs of your bird. Cut with scissors two similar lengths then two smaller ones. The two smaller ones surround one end of the two larger stems to form the hooked legs so characteristic of your Easter chick.

13. Slightly bend your orange chenille thread to slide it and hold it in the pompom, taking care not to deform the latter. No need for glue this way to hold the legs of your chick.


Here it is finished and ready to join the rabbits, the chickens and other farmyard comrades in the garden - or on the balcony - to celebrate Easter!

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