3 questions to ask yourself before building a veranda

3 questions to ask yourself before building a veranda

Do you dream of expanding your home with a beautiful aluminum veranda? We understand you! That said, before you start, ask yourself a few questions ...

What orientation for my veranda?

All orientations can be reconciled with an aluminum veranda! Each has its qualities: - South exposure: it will be perfect if you live in a rather cold region. Thus, you will enjoy maximum sun and therefore natural heat in winter! In summer, you will have to think about installing sun protection behind your bay windows to avoid heatstroke! - North exposure: it is not the privileged exposure in general since in the north, you will never see the direct sun. Reinforced insulation glazing must be installed to limit heat loss. On the other hand, in full summer, you will certainly be like a rooster in paste in your oasis of freshness! - West exposure: you will have to do in the afternoon sun. Watch out for overheating! If you live in a region with strong sunlight, provide good ventilation and good outdoor sun protection! - Exhibition is: you will have the morning sun! We recommend sun protection such as roller shutters or blinds. That said, if you live in a hot region, in the south of France for example, the east orientation will be the most recommended! The advice in addition: orientation is obviously important. However, take into account the specifics of your land: location of trees, reliefs, prevailing winds, etc. The professionals of the aluminum veranda will help you make the right decision!

What function for my veranda?

From this question will arise a number of technical constraints. Thus, if you want to install a kitchen in your veranda, you will need a surface of minimum 20m²; if you want to install a bathroom, think of the opposite; depending on whether you want to enjoy your veranda all year round or not, you will have to imagine a suitable heating system, etc. So what do you want to do with your veranda? The advice in addition: to create an extra room in your home, we greatly prefer a veranda to a traditional extension!

Do you need a building permit to build a veranda?

If your veranda has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than 40 m² and that this veranda does not entail an overshoot of 170 m² for the house, all you have to do is make a declaration of work with your town hall. On the other hand, in the case of a veranda that exceeds these 40 m², you will need a building permit. The advice in addition: check with the town hall of your municipality, the rules and procedures may change from one to the other. Find more information on the Véranda Alu website In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum